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IME has the reputation of serving all customers with efficiency and superior service. 

We are one of the Midwest's largest haulers that services the scrap industry. The commodities we haul include numerous types of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 

Non-Ferrous Material

Ferrous Materials
Aluminum Copper Bundles Motor Blocks
Stainless Steel Brass Borings Clips
Zinc   Demolition Scrap Turnings

We also offer reliable bulk hauling for a variety of dry bulk materials.

Our trailer fleet includes a full range of trucks, tractors, trailers, luggers, roll-offs, containers and specialized equipment.

Whether you need scrap or dry bulk material hauled locally or over greater distances, call Industrial Metal Enterprise, Inc.

901 N. Kilpatrick

Chicago, IL 60651

Phone: 773-261-8100

Fax: 773-261-8118


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